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FISHER 80-AZ - $1.100

This original and untouched Fisher AZ80 mono tube amplifier is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically and sonically.
A very desirable Fisher AZ80.
The second version with the 2 knobs on the front. With the peek power indicator, peek watt control, and zedmatic contrast power control.
Has the 4, 8 and 16 inputs. This is the second version. More desirable.
There was an earlier version which is also nice but had the single knob on the front.
If you're looking for a match for your other mono FISHER AZ80 this is the one for you. In beautiful condition. Cosmetically extremely clean. Original brown finish, untouched. Mechanically working perfectly and sonically sensational.
These Fisher AZ80's are very sought after and have a beautiful sound. One of Fisher's finest mono block amplifiers.
And can compete with McIntosh quality. A fine example and a must have.
I have a modest reserve, good luck. h07

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