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TELEFUNKEN V73 - $2.900
2 Моно-блока

These are the mono-amps you?ve been longin?for: a pair of Maihak V-73 (Maihak just built them for Telefunken) in mint condition.
Back to the V73: look at the pictures, they sound as pretty as they look. Have you ever seen a condition like this one? Nor did I ... you don?t need a preamp, though it?s quite comfortable if you use more than one source. And because they have these level-potis you can easily manage your "roomsound" without using sounddestroying balancepotis. They work with Telefunken EF 804S, all of the four have the rhombus-sign though one is labeled Siemens, two are without. But they all have the <> mark, so they are all TFK. The other tubes are EL 95.
The connectors seen at the back are build professional, so you don?t have any hussle with scratching connectors hangin?round on cables (and save a lot of money). Just plug - and play! Optical these amps are quite perfect. No rust or dents, even the stainless-steel covers look bright. Developed fort he german broadcast stations and studios the are built to extreme standards and deliver highest reliability plus the most wonderful sound. Some use them as bass amps, some as midrange amps - I always used them fullrange. A couple of EL 95 pentodes in push-pull mode driven by a couple of the best triodes ever made EF804 S from Telefunken produce 4 watts. Sounds not much? Listen!
And enjoy. One more thing: they work as they should. But as a matter of construction they were built to sit in a plug and play device under the mixing board. That means they should be built in. You can construct a cute wooden box (what i would prefer) or look for he original ones. Why do I say this? The damping of the mains transformer is not too good and for absolutely quiet mechanical operation it should be built in. It?s not disturbing the musical enjoyment if you don?t do it, propably you won?t even notice it. But i don?t want to conceal it. Back to the Goodies: the input transformers are of the highest quality studio standard. Couple it with your Shindo Catherine and take off! What you should do, is use high efficient speakers to fully enjoy the magic of it?s sound. They were built for voices - you will hear that.

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